How Sales Strategies Have Changed in the Digital Landscape

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digital landscape 2Due to advancements in technology, consumers’ habits have changed over the course of time. In order to succeed in this newly altered purchasing landscape, businesses are using social media platforms for their marketing purposes. Customers trust digital content 5 times more than they did in the early 2000s, which makes it clear that the digital landscape is here to stay.


Out with the old, in with the new!


Cold CallingThere was a time when products were sold successfully using cold calling services only. Salespeople would have interactive and imaginative ideas about how they would let customers know about new items available and then skillfully sell these new products there and then over the phone or by setting a face to face appointment. With the new digital market place it is now possible to reach your target market en masse and within moments! Just look at today’s social media! Facebook, with more than 2 billion users, and Instagram, with 1 billion users, has become a gold mine for business owners who can quickly reach a large, worldwide audience. Businesses are using social media as their marketing platform because it is easier and cheaper for them to generate more leads and attract more customers than more traditional means.


Where do cold calls come in?


Merging with technology with man and machine coming together and merging into one as a technological concept of human computer engineering joining together with the intelligence of people.

Unfortunately some business owners still have the misconception that digital marketing is enough for marketing their products and services. What they don’t understand is that 85% of customers still rely on the human touch. The final step in any digital marketing campaign is to funnel warm leads to a sales person to qualify further and cement a relationship for further contact. Cold calling can be used to inject the database with new business but calls are always necessary to build and manage relationships with new decision makers, update contact data and collect information needed for effective marketing campaigns.

It takes a very special kind of person


Smiling lady working at call center office with colleagues

Many businesses are finding that they have an uphill battle in front of them as they try to find passionate and experienced ‘telemarketers’, let alone those with the skill set required to provide a return on investment! It takes a special kind of person to make over 100 calls per day and sound upbeat and interested, let alone to have the patience to deal with aggressive gatekeepers, never ending voicemails and disconnected numbers. Yet they persevere! In fact a professional sales person becomes more determined than ever to find a decision maker that will give them the buzz they need. That’s when the real skill comes into play. The ability to relate with senior management and ‘C’ level prospects is one thing, they must then be able to think on their feet over and above the script to negotiate appointments or offer complex business solutions that incorporate upselling and cross selling.


Bottom line

bottom lineThere is no doubt that managing your marketing and sales strategy in the present age, when there is so much competition, is tough. You have to do everything that your competitors are doing in order to stay level with them, and find ways to get ahead as well.

In the current climate, having a sales team of experts by your side, to complement your online presence, is the best and most effective solution.

A sales team can provide the human touch and support that you and your customers need in this digital world we find ourselves now in.

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