Data Cleansing – The Difference One Call Can Make

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Are you sick of wasting money distributing expensive catalogues to the wrong people?


Recent studies are showing that the response rate for catalogues has increased during the past few years.

These days people are engaged by imagery, and a catalogue really allows images of your product and business to shine. So, if studies are showing that catalogues are better at driving sales than some other forms of digital marketing, you want to make sure that when you are distributing those expensive catalogues they produce a return on investment.


How to make sure you send your catalogue to the right people so print wastage doesn’t occur?


Data Cleansing ProcessEnsuring that your database is kept completely up to date with current decision makers and their locations will save your business time and money, not only by preventing print wastage but also by capturing the attention of potential customers who are likely to engage in your services.

We understand that data cleansing can be hard to do, difficult to maintain, or perhaps you are even unsure of where to start? None-the-less it is necessary for businesses to keep their database up to date to ensure timely contact with customers and personalised campaigns.

Over many years of assisting clients with data cleansing VSS Australia have created a list of the 3 most important things to remember to make sure you have a measurable return on the time and money you invest in getting your database working for you and not against you.


1. ‘Real Time” Comprehensive Data


Real Time DataHow can you ensure the accuracy of your data in real-time?

There are some great online tools that can clean information, such as list imports which also offer the service of email verification, but one phone call can do much more than any online tool will offer you.

Using a service like the one VSS Australia offers, you will not only be able to validate the data you currently have, but also:

  • Source current decision makers
  • Source direct email addresses
  • Source preferred mailing addresses
  • Promote current products and services
  • Generate sales leads
  • Gain valuable feedback
  • Personalise and Revitalise relationships
  • Leave personalised messages

While some software companies capture information directly from first-party sites such as LinkedIn, decision makers can’t be relied on to keep their information updated or to disclose their exact location and contact details. The most comprehensive and fool proof way to obtain the information you need is by a phone call to the company itself.
This will offer a more complete database of information for business intelligence and analytics, which will assist your team when making important business decisions.

2. Data Standardisation


data standardisationOk, I know this sounds like a nightmare for many, but here’s the bottom line: you can’t maintain healthy data while also letting unhealthy data into your CRM.

Makes sense? At VSS Australia we make sure that all information added to your CRM is standardised and formatted to avoid duplication and to ensure all reporting is accurate.

Speak with us, and your team, about creating a standard operating procedure (SOP). Following the SOP will ensure that your team is only allowing quality data in your CRM at the time of entry.


3. Monitoring and Maintaining

Quality better than Quantity

You will want to set up a periodic review so that you can monitor issues before they become a major problem. You should also keep track of bounced emails as well as response rates. It’s important to keep up-to-date with who is working at the company, so if you haven’t heard from a customer in a few months, you should do a little bit of investigating and make sure that that person is still working in the same position, or even at the same company.

Completing this final step will bring your data cleansing process to full circle. You can organise regular reviews with us so we can ensure that you have the cleanest and therefore the most effective database possible.

Contact VSS Australia if you would like to discuss how we can assist you with your Data Cleansing.

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