Who We Are

Our large team of onsite and virtual sales representatives was created to meet the need of VSS clients, especially those needing an experienced Sales Manager at the helm who could work efficiently with Marketing Managers and their sales teams. VSS representatives are mature, business savvy women between the ages of 35 and 55. Their backgrounds and experience are diverse and enable us to match them to the skill set or industry required.

Small business or large corporate…face to face, online or telephone …OUR SALES TEAM ARE THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEED US!

Virtual Sales Strategy

Director, Gai Hook has 35 years experience managing sales teams within the Corporate, Government and Private sectors. She has also sold and managed large Consumer and Trade Exhibitions for both international and Australian organisers. Liaising with a broad range of small to medium businesses through to larger monopolies has given Gai the insight to specific challenges behind all sectors and industries no matter the size.

From developing both a presence and a sales cycle for many small businesses to helping to integrate data and monitor complex databases for the larger enterprise, Virtual Sales Strategy was born in early 2009 to meet their needs. The team has grown and the capacity to service has grown. Many areas of demand have presented themselves over time, one of these was a need to provide Representatives onsite to work with Business Development and Product Managers. To date we have a portion of the team who do this on a regular or ongoing basis. This evolution brings us to the launch of VSS Australia as we are now commonly known!

Passion. Dedication. Determination

The Team

The VSS team is comprised of professional working individuals with years of corporate experience to deliver an outbound call service which offers real time tracking and the option to immediately change direction according to response. Our team is mature sounded, sale professionals who can think on their feet and beyond a script.

The team evolved over a number of years through my own inability to find an outbound call service which offered real time tracking, the option to immediately change direction according to response, and the ability to have direct access with reps if required. I also needed mature sounding sales professionals who could think on their feet over and beyond a script. It is imperative that a rep be able to negotiate and engage with both gate keepers and decision makers at any level.

This is our passion

What We Do

Cleanse Data and Generate Sales Leads

500 - 5000+ calls per week

List Sourcing and Compilation

Tailored to your campaign

Hire your own PA or EA to relate to high end clients

Why is our team different

Set appointments

Weave personalised information into conversation

Exhibitions and Events Management

Present your business the right way

Telemarketing and Telesales

Take advantage of frontline feedback

One Outbound Call Can Achieve The Following

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing identifies incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate and irrelevant data on a database and then replaces, modifies, or deletes this ``dirty`` data.

Data De-duplication

The term de-duplication refers to eliminating duplicate and redundant information.

Data Washing

A database washing tool will identify and update phone numbers and addresses connected to a particular company name and/or contact person. Databases are typically washed against other address lists such as the Australia Post National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

Data Verification and Validation

Data verification and validation identifies data which is incorrectly recorded and flagged on your database.


Generate sales leads

gain valuable feedback

source preferred mailing address

leave appropriate messages

promote current products and services

source current decision makers

personalise and revitalise relationships

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