List Sourcing and Compilation

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Are you a little hit and miss… or do you want to zone in and get it right?

Okay, let’s get to the point. We don’t like wastage, we hope you don’t either. Let us help qualify the right prospects for your business, conduct the right amount of research and compile a high quality list. Our goal is to minimise costs and maximise response. Let us show you how. Here’s how we can help…

Qualifying prospects

Stage one is to clearly define our prospects

  • Campaign being implemented  (ie sales, brand awareness, surveys, debt collection)
  • Industry / Sector  (ie government, corporate, retail, mining, transport, finance)
  • Professional (ie practitioner, dentist, architect)
  • Decision maker / Influencer
  • Size of business (small under 25, medium 25-100, large 100+)
  • Prospect’s Culture / Market Positioning
  • Location (ie country, state, region, PC, metro, city cbd)

Researching & Sourcing Lists

Stage two is to research all accurate avenues for sourcing data

  • List Broker (One giant list, segmented. Data updates vary in regularity)
  • Virtual Sales Strategy Lists (2 million businesses Australia wide 2 million residences Australia wide. Managed to ensure effective use. Tailored to suit your needs. Data updated monthly)
  • Authorised Internet Lists
  • White or Yellow Pages


The final stage is to pull it all together

  • Determine format  (Excel or alternate template for import to client database)
  • Number of Leads
  • Contact data needed (ie address, phone, email, fax)
  • Columns needed for campaign response  (ie call date, notes, action, future contact, campaign data)
  • Statistical Data  (ie invalid, scheduled call, unreached, appt set, email info)


Gai Hook Virtual Sales Strategy 2 8007 5515 or 0413 519 840

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