Competitor Analysis Report

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Ever wondered what your ideal customer is being exposed to as we speak?

Who are your perceived competitors and what are they up to? Some rely on copying others whilst others are quite ingenious with their strategies. What ‘buzz’ phrases and words are now turning your market off? What’s turning them on? How do they think, how do they buy, how do they prioritise?

Here’s how we can help…

Competitor Research

  • Which companies are promoting similar products or services?
  • Do they have multiple brand names or affiliations with others?
  • Who are their primary and secondary target markets?
  • What is their core product or service?
  • Are there new products currently being promoted?
  • What features and benefits are new?
  • What emotional triggers are they applying?
  • What is their “marketing mix”?
  • Do they focus on local, Australian or International markets?
  • How efficient is their evel of customer service?
  • What are customers saying or ‘blogging’?


  • Current ‘brand’ perception
  • Current market positioning
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Language used, incentives and offers
  • Website presence


  • How does current competitor activity effect your business?
  • What’s the perfect ‘niche’ and ‘point of difference’ for your brand at the moment?
  • What’s missing for your buyers in the current market?
  • How can you satisfy that need?
  • Deliver your message with a difference!

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